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January 2018

Scafell Range Sunset

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Sca Fell, Scafell Pike and Ill Crag sunset from the Summit of Bowfell, Lake District.

On Sunday afternoon I headed up to Bowfell’s summit for sunset and, as usual, as I was walking up the 2 & 3/4 hour walk most folk where coming back down. The weather was great and it was perfect winter conditions!  However, on arrival at the summit a band of cloud arrived and obscured the sun… just great!  Never one to give up I hung on, thinking that the sun might beat the cloud to the horizon…and just in the nick of time it did…showering the whole landscape in gorgeous pink light!  I shot several compositions but this image was the one I went for,  so I came back down the mountain in the dark a happy man…

Fuji GX617
105mm Fujinon lens
1 second at F45
Lee 0.9 grad filter
Kodak Ektar 100 Film
Induro Tripods UK and cable release
Lowepro whistler 450 backpack..