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Pont Alexandre III, Hotel des Invalides and the River Seine at night, Paris, France

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I’m standing next to the tripod in the cold winter air, waiting for the lights to come and desperately trying to keep warm.  It seems like an eternity waiting for the precise moment to take a meter reading and fire the shutter. There is a small window in which to create these night shots; leave it to late and the sky goes inky black and doesn’t balance right with the artificial lights. Finally it’s here and I take two meter readings with the spot meter; one of the Hotel dome in the distance, and one of the light in the top right corner.  I average that out… then add a stop for good measure…and the shots are in the bag! I take three more exposures (as experience dictates as it slowly gets darker) before we head of to the warmth of a restaurant for pizza and red wine…Paris really is beautiful at night!

Fuji GX617
180mm Fujinon lens
30 seconds at F22
Kodak Ektar 100 film.
Induro Tripods UK and cable release.

Scafell Range Sunset

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Sca Fell, Scafell Pike and Ill Crag sunset from the Summit of Bowfell, Lake District.

On Sunday afternoon I headed up to Bowfell’s summit for sunset and, as usual, as I was walking up the 2 & 3/4 hour walk most folk where coming back down. The weather was great and it was perfect winter conditions!  However, on arrival at the summit a band of cloud arrived and obscured the sun… just great!  Never one to give up I hung on, thinking that the sun might beat the cloud to the horizon…and just in the nick of time it did…showering the whole landscape in gorgeous pink light!  I shot several compositions but this image was the one I went for,  so I came back down the mountain in the dark a happy man…

Fuji GX617
105mm Fujinon lens
1 second at F45
Lee 0.9 grad filter
Kodak Ektar 100 Film
Induro Tripods UK and cable release
Lowepro whistler 450 backpack..