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It’s all about timing..

Lancaster and the river Lune at Dusk


I have been waiting a while to capture this image.  Yes, I could take it any evening or dawn (best at dusk really, as the sunset is behind you which gives the foreground light) but I had pre-visualized the scene with the reflections of the buildings in the River Lune, so I needed a high tide, roughly an hour after sunset. The optimum time for these night shots is usually around 35 minutes after sunset, so that the sky balances with the artificial lights of the city.  For the image I wanted it was vital that the high tide was an hour after sunset. For those who aren’t local, the river along the quay side is tidal and around half an hour before, and up to high tide, the river goes really still with almost mill-pond conditions, which provides great reflections as the flowing river meets the incoming tide. So, with a bit of planning and timing I could be there at the optimum time for both tide and the sky to balance with the artificial lights.


Fuji GX617
105mm Fujinon lens
2 1/2 minutes at F22
Kodak Ektar 100 film.
Induro Tripods UK and cable release.



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