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About Lee Metcalfe

Lee is based in Lancaster and his photography interest started in his teens, messing around with 35mm film compacts, until he bought a second hand 35mm Zenith EM just after he started work. He soon realised that he had an eye for composition and camera skills came naturally. Without any formal training, Lee’s photography knowledge is entirely self taught and he turned professional in 2008. Currently, Lee exclusively uses Nikon Professional digital equipment for his wildlife and commission work and a Fuji GX617 panoramic film Camera for all his panoramic and landscape work.

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The Art of Using Nature to Capture the Best Shot

Lee’s passion has always been for Landscape photography, favouring the rich colours of dawn and dusk when the light is at its most special. Landscape photography is not just about photographing the land, but capturing how the light falls on it. This requires pre visualizing the scene, visiting the location at varying times of the day (and season), and then it’s a matter of waiting. He has had many fruitless trips when, on arrival at a location, conditions have changed for the worst, which can be really frustrating.

Lee finds that the Lake District is a real challenge, proving to be an exercise in patience. Being renowned for perfecting an image “in camera”, Lee is able to capture magical moments authentically at the picture taking stage, creating stunning and natural landscapes. Lee’s photography is a mix of technical knowledge and creative vision; always looking for new locations and striving for the perfect image.

Lee’s images from Scotland are brilliant. Most of them are of places where I have actually been, so they are indeed meaningful. Well done.

Maria Peel

Lee has a fantastic eye for a shot, as well as an unending patience to capture that extra special moment.

Simon J Drake

Recently bought a print of the Bauchille from Lee having seen it on his Facebook page, couldn’t be happier as the quality was second to none! Would highly recommend his work to anyone!

Mark Kendall

More Than Just Photography

Lee's photography is an ever expanding business, from sales of prints, commissions and exhibitions, to talks, workshops and tutorials.